We Want Your Business to Succeed

ESP provides access to cutting edge, cost effective and industry leading products to help your business succeed.


ESP has partnered with Clarity Diagnostics and DNA Healthcare to bring you the very best and most accurate testing available, at cost effective pricing. If you need a testing provider for your business or organization, ESP’s trained clinical technicians will work with you to ensure a safe and professional environment in which to test your employees and/or customers, thus providing you with the pace of mind that comes from knowing you have made your best efforts to keep everyone in your circle safe. Please contact us to determine exactly which tests and testing options best fit your needs.

Personal Protective Equipment

Whether you need face masks or respirators, to exam gloves, disposable gowns, hand sanitizer or face shields, ESP sources quality certified personal protective equipment from credible and reliable manufacturers so as to provide only the best products at competitive pricing to ensure you have the utmost possible protection for your employees and customers. Due to the ever changing market conditions, please contact us for product availability and pricing.

Sanitization Products

Introducing PreventX 24/7™, an all surface protection barrier that contains an EPA registered antimicrobial that destroys colony forming units of bacteria, viruses, mold/mildew and more, providing upwards of 30 days of active protection for your workplace.

Clear2 Mobile App

An easy, free-to download health screening mobile app, combined with a robust administrative Portal that seamlessly integrates with Meridians Personal Management Kiosk.


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